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Boilers are made of certified steel boiler ga. P265GH and structural steel S235JR thickness 6-10mm from the hut Arcelor Mittal Poland S.A. branch Kraków and U. S. Steel Kosice s.r.o.

Innovative, modern, attractive appearance, fine workmanshio and convinient operation of boilers. Cases of galvanized steel, hot painted, reinformced ribbed to increase their strenght and the perforating to cool tge control system.

User-friendly control (graphical displays, intuitive menu with described functions). It is possible to control four heating systems in boilers with a feeder (central heating pump, boiler pump, floor pump, circulating pump) and two in traditional boilers (central heating pump and boiler pump). The possibility of connecting various types of room regulators.

Tested materials and components used in the branded heating boiler guarantee a long life and reliability.

Adjustable hinges and non-sliding locks allow you to adjust the door setting after bending the sealing cord in order to maintain the tightness of the furnace chamber.

The possibility of changing the direction of opening the door (opening to the left or right) through the use of a universal lock and hinge and a specially designed system of closing the "easy clamp" door makes it easier to close them and protects against undesired opening during boiler operation.

Energy and environmental certificates confirm the quality, efficiency and safety of heating boilers.

All charging boilers equipped with a control system with the ZPID algorithm supported by an exhaust outlet sensor. This type of control consists in controlling the exhaust gas temperature (keeping it at a constant level) and maintaining a constant boiler temperature. Using this type of controller, we save about 13% of fuel, and the temperature of the output water is very stable, which affects the longer life of the heating boiler. Drivers equipped with a ZPID sensor do not require complicated service.

The door is reinforced ribbed in order to increase their resistance to thermal deformation.

Door insulated with a special mineral wool mat with a low thermal conductivity coefficient, to ensure reduction of heat loss and minimize the surface temperature of the door. The vertical furnace grille protection against undesirable spilling the heat from the heating boiler.

Grill grate in charging heating boilers up to 33kW for easy cleaning of the hearth.

A hopper flap in heating boilers with a carburizing system equipped with a gas damper that makes it easier to lift and support it.

The end of the scroll in the form of a bent claw to facilitate the disposal of fuel from the bent part of the knee, protected by patent No. 201027.

The flat base of the boiler facilitates placement of the furnace at the target place.

The controllers for heating boilers with a feeder, which can be expanded with an internet control module, a mobile phone control module and a mixing valve controller.