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The AIRKOMPAKT Heat Pump developed together with scientists from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow is a device designed and optimized to work in the Polish climate.

The construction of the pump is distinguished by a construction based on a Copeland Scroll compressor for R290, typically dedicated to heat pumps, and a large evaporator that ensures maximum heat exchange between the external air and the working medium.

The propane R290 used in the AIRKOMPAKT pump is a refrigerant of the future, which shows the best thermodynamic properties among those used so far (compared to e.g. R410 refrigerant). Thanks to this factor, this pump does not require registration in the Central Register of Fire Protection Equipment and Systems Operators (CRO) and does not require F-gas licenses from the installer.

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Design and product philosophy

The additional use of a Power-Booster regenerative exchanger in the pump, an electric expansion valve and proprietary algorithms in the controller allowed for very good operating parameters, especially at sub-zero air temperatures.

The design of the pump and the control philosophy are aimed at maximum use of the heat pump for heating with minimal use of an additional source, e.g. electric heaters.

This translates directly into energy consumption, because as we know, the heat pump must work more hours per day when the temperature drops below zero, because the building cools down faster.


Proven in mountain conditions

  • Pump operation down to -25°C!
  • High COP even above 5.0 due to good physical and chemical properties of the working medium
  • Supply temperature – over 65 °C
  • Made in Poland – product development in cooperation with AGH in Krakow, production in the company
    with Polish capital with many years of tradition
  • Components from renowned European manufacturers
  • Night mode during which you can mute the pump
  • No need to register the pump in the Central Register of Operators
    Teleservice over the Internet (online service)
  • Modern and environmentally friendly design – a guarantee of many years of trouble-free operation
  • Possibility to work in a cascade of up to 6 devices
  • Modern and aesthetic design of the device

Energy class A++


Energy factor R290 Propane


Support for the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow


Triple action – central heating, hot water and cooling

COP indicators, at external temperatures of -7°C to -25°C higher by up to 20-40% compared to other products of this type.

  • Special acoustic insulation of the unit chamber, double suspension of the compressor, and a silent fan with smooth speed control and blades in the shape of “owl feathers” minimize noise
  • Electronic expansion valve to guarantee maximum efficiency of the pump operating at different temperatures
  • Heat recovery from the heated evaporator after defrosting, which automatically translates into lower energy consumption throughout the year
  • Power-booster – an economizer enhancing the COP of the pump at low external temperatures
  • Soft-Start – a soft start system, the purpose of which is to reduce the starting current that extends the operation of the compressor
    PWM circulation pump with stepless capacity control
  • Control of evaporator frosting and defrosting if necessary – saving electricity
  • Implementation of the defrost mode without turning off the compressor – increasing the COP and the life of the device
  • Control with a modern and dedicated algorithm – innovative design
  • The function of the pump operation in the summer period as a air conditioning
  • Setting outside the building – saving space in the boiler room

Components used in the AIRKOMPAKT heat pump



The fan used in the AIRKOMPAKT heat pump has the shape of owl feathers with smooth speed regulation.

Which, combined with the special acoustic insulation of the chiller chamber and the double suspension of the compressor, has a direct impact on minimizing noise.


Regenerative exchanger

Power Booster

The regenerative exchanger has two functions in particular:

  • increases COP and pump power at very low temperatures of -15 to -28 degrees
  • protects the compressor in 100% against flooding with the factor, allows switching the pump from operation to defrosting and back


Swedish-made SWEP plate condenser has a large heat exchange surface.

Selected as standard for operation in cooling mode. The pump has a standard algorithm that allows it to work as an air conditioner.


Control automation – soft start

Soft start, which the AIRKOMPAKT heat pump is equipped with as a standard, serves as a soft start and does not burden the electricity network at home.

It also protects the compressor.


Original design of the slats

The distance between the slats remained
designed so that the drops do not touch each other with the two walls of the exchanger.

This design of the device requires less energy for defrosting, which makes the entire defrosting process much faster and more effective.

The time between successive defrosting cycles is on average from 2.5 to 4 hours and does not affect the efficiency and power of the device.

The evaporator has a very large heat exchange surface and is designed to work in the climate of Central Europe, especially Poland, and the demanding mountain climate


ST 505 controller

The controller of the Polish manufacturer, TECH, has proprietary algorithms invented in cooperation
with scientists from the AGH University of Science and Technology (defrosting algorithms, an algorithm for switching on additional heat sources) performing heating functions according to the heating curve, electricity or heat energy readings.

The controller is equipped with an internet application, thanks to which we have access to the heat pump remotely (possibility of carrying out e-service)


Copeland Scroll compressor

It is a compressor dedicated to the R290 factor. Emerson is the world’s leading compressor manufacturer.

The most important features of this compressor are:

  • thermal protection of the discharge temperature
  • axial and radial compliance – ensures good contact of the spirals during
    operation, which results in long-term tightness, allows the spirals to separate
    if liquid gets between them
  • has a safety valve

Product advantages


Hybrid heating system

The hybrid heating system is ecology and economy in one.

It is a simple solution for heating a single-family house and preparing domestic hot water.

The main source of heat is an ecological heat pump, which can be supported by an electric heater, oil boiler, pellet boiler or solar collectors.

The advanced control algorithm makes the heat pump itself decide when it is worth switching on an additional source of energy to make heating the most economical.

An additional advantage of the hybrid system is the ability to connect photovoltaic panels that fully meet the electricity consumption needed to operate the heat pump, which makes heating practically free.


The AIRKOMPAKT heat pump stands out from the competition in many respects

Such as high-quality components or effective and ecological solutions!

  • Copeland compressor adapted to work with propane R290 refrigerant
  • Durable heat exchanger made of high-grade stainless steel
  • High COP even above 5.0 due to good physical and chemical properties of the working medium
  • Lower discharge pressure results in lower energy consumption, lower noise and longer compressor life
  • Built-in electric current sequence and phase decay sensor
  • Electricity meter consumed by the device
  • Heat energy, device power and COP meter available in the web application
  • Possibility of automatic cooperation with an additional heat source: electric heater, pellet boiler, gas or oil boiler
  • Uncomplicated assembly of the entire unit outside the building – no need to lead the gas route to the inside of the building, no boreholes.
  • Multi-stage protection against freezing of the water part outside the building
  • RES – full use of renewable raw material
  • The most ecological way of heating central heating/hot water
  • Possibility of extending the protection with a UPS (for areas with long and frequent periods of power failure)
  • TECH production controller with an intuitive menu, with the option of controlling via the Internet or using an application on a mobile device
  • Heat recovery from the heated evaporator after defrosting – lower average annual energy consumption
  • Possibility of using the device in single-family houses, commercial and public utility buildings

Proven in the mountains


KOŁTON Air/water heat pump AirKompakt

KOŁTON Air/water heat pump AirKompakt

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